FMS Filter Media


"FMS" is a Chinese invention, aimed at their blast furnace "dry gas scrubbing" technology. No one has been to identify what "FMS" means. There a wide variety of felts available in China with the prefix "FMS" followed by 4 digit numbers such as 9806 etc. The prices vary widely depending largely on what the material constituents are. We have examined a large number of "FMS" felts, used as well as new. The only two common traits among them is that they weigh between 800gms to 850 gms/m2 in weight, & that they have a heavy, woven fibreglass scrim. Other fibre constituents vary widely, consistent with asking price.

Our replacement for the FMS felt, a hybrid "COMBI" felt for use in blast furnace dry scrubbing systems contain no fibreglass in the batt, but high temperature resistant fibres such as para aramid, polyimid P-84 fibres, and PSA fibres which give excellent service life apart from very low emissions & offer a thermal resistance until 265 d C.